Since 2007, Stockholm-based Artymove has stayed true to its unique sound, mobilizing through music. The band, consisting of Peter Sydén (keyboard and monome), Peter Hägerås (guitar) and Mathilda Lindgren (vocals), makes piano driven, electronic pop inspired by trip-hop from the mid 90s and the alternative R&B of today. You can hear their sound in the recent release of their first full length album since 2008: All Time Winners (May 31, 2016).

Some of the early album releases, such as Bones (2007) and A (2009), helped connect the band to fans across the Atlantic. Artymove’s collection of EPs in 2010/2011 paved way for a collaboration with record labels Uniform Beat (2012–14) and Irma Records, with whom they released several singles and EPs, such as Bankruptcy (2013), So Real EP (2013) and So Real (2013, Japan).

As DIY creators, several of Artymove’s music videos have received a great deal of attention. First to reach a broader global audience was the video for One of These Days (2012), where the group actively promotes equal marriage rights. The video for Back and Forth Redux (2014) created a buzz in the blogosphere for being entirely recorded with an iPhone and paying a sexy hommage to the sauna bathing traditions of the North. It paved way for an Artist of the Week-take over at Nordic by Nature, a spot at the Swedish Music Hall of Fame exhibition and the Kulturrådet supported school tour of 2015.

The band released three videos for tunes from the album All Time Winners in 2016: #NoBetterMoment illustrates the lives of Palestinians and Israelis through the work of photojournalist Linda Forsell, and Fuck That raises an intimate, offensive and loving middle finger to body shaming and over sexualization with a group of naked bathtub bathing Swedes, and Boring visualized the never ending escapism of youth. Artymove is currently making new music and videos.